The casualties continue before Qatar, now the turn is for Spain

Jose Luis Gaya assured before getting on a plane to return to Spain, after being discarded by the coach Luis Enrique Martinez for the World Cup due to a sprained ankle, which is a decision “for the good of the team” that he is still trying to “assimilate”.

“It is difficult, it is very hard. I am sad but proud to have fought during these years to be able to be in a World Cup. In the end it could not be and from here, as I have said, I wish them the best. They are a spectacular human group. They have created an environment that I have never experienced in a team,” he said crestfallen at the Doha airport.

Gayá returns to Valencia during the early hours of the morning after experiencing one of the worst days of his career on a Friday that began with a conversation with Luis Enrique at the hotel for the concentration of Spain at the University of Qatar, in which the coach informed him of the decision to call Alejandro Balde in his place.

“I am trying to assimilate a little bit of this whole situation. In the end this has been decided and I am sure that the coach, as he has said, does it for the good of the team ”, he acknowledged.

“I am sure that they are going to have a great World Cup, I wish them the best and I am going to cheer them on from home. I will not be able to be there, but I wish them the best, convinced that they are going to play a great role, ”she declared.

It must be remembered that the coaching staff made the decision to replace him with Alejandro Balde, who was concentrated with the sub-21, and will join the Spanish expedition in Qatar.

The Barcelona defender is 19 years old and this will be his first appearance in the senior team. Luis Enrique has taken into account his brilliant start to the season to replace Gayá.

The man from Barcelona has gone through all the lower categories in Spain. He has played two games with the U-21 team.

During this season, he has played twelve games with Barcelona in the First Division and four in the Champions League.



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