The Behobia-San Sebastián will be the image of the Great Food Collection

Members of the Food Bank and Behobia. / ARIZMENDI

The popular race, which will bring together 30,000 participants, has been collaborating with the Gipuzkoa Food Bank for more than a decade

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The Behobia-San Sebastián will be this year the image of the great collection of the Food Bank of Gipuzkoa. The popular race, which this year will bring together no more and no less than 30,000 participants, has been collaborating with this non-profit association on a voluntary basis for more than a decade. How? giving up their surpluses.

The main objective of the Food Bank is to fight against waste. The big collection will be on November 25 and 26 in different supermarkets. During 2021, they received close to 300,000 euros in donations and this year they are seeing that they are not close to this amount. That is why they make this appeal.

The fair, in the Kursaal

In 2021, the Behobia-San Sebastián corridor fair was located at the Reale Arena, while in previous editions Ficoba was the chosen venue. On this occasion, on November 11 and 12, it will be located in the Kursaal in San Sebastian.

In addition, the organizers intend to start distributing the 30,000 bibs in the stores associated with the race on Thursday the 27th. The race will be held on Sunday the 13th of November and the bibs have been sold out for weeks. Fortuna limited the number of entrants to 30,000 with the idea of ​​offering a better service to all participants.

After practically two decades of Adidas as technical sponsor of the event, Luanvi debuts this year as sponsor. The shirt was already presented two weeks ago, highlighting the term ‘Gozatu’ on the chest and with the turquoise color as the protagonist. The one on November 13 will be the 57th edition of this test that was born in 1919 and is currently 20 kilometers long.



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