The Argentine fans who were beaten by Mexicans during the game in Qatar speak: “They went looking for us”

Federico and Luis Aguirre were attacked in the stands of the Lusail stadium by the opposing fans. In dialogue with Clarín they told how the violent episode was.

Argentina against Mexico. A key match for Lionel Scaloni’s team in the World Cup in Qatar. Everything was in place to make it a great show at the Lusail Stadium. However, what should have been an exciting day ended up being a suffering for the Argentines Federico and Luis Aguirre.

And not one of those that soccer sometimes generates: they were violently beaten by a group of Mexican fans present on the field. And they were even virtually detained for several hours.

Barely 20 minutes had passed since the ball had started rolling on the court. That was the time it took for the Aguirre’s albiceleste shirts to be dyed red by the blood of his wounds.

It is that the tension between the fans came from before the match. And when the game finally started and the points that both teams needed were already on the line, the chicanes turned into aggressions that quickly escalated to violence.

Luis Aguirre was injured in Qatar by Mexican fans,

“It’s my fourth World Cup, always watching the games and trying to enjoy the show. We were calm, there were approximately 20 minutes into the first half. One encourages the national team without offensive songs,” he said. to Clarin Luis Aguirre his version about how the attack on him and his son began.

He added: “Suddenly 4 or 5 Mexicans appear rebukinginsulting, telling us ‘shitty Argentines, who are they going to beat?’ They pushed my son Frederick from behind.

Luis Aguirre, the Argentine fan attacked in Qatar.
Luis Aguirre, the Argentine fan attacked in Qatar.

Then began the blows that caused sharp injuries to the faces of both, who had to be assisted by nurses who performed cures on the injuries in the area of ​​the nose, eyebrows and head. Pictures of the fight went viral.

Everything happened in an area of ​​the stadium where the Mexican presence was visibly greater than that of Argentina. In this regard, the victims remarked that entering the stadium for the match “was a total disorganization“.

“Ayer [por este sábado] there was a very large percentage of Mexicans compared to us, I would say 70/30 and we were in an area of ​​many Mexicans. But from then on they come to beat us and insult us, there is a responsibility of local authorities and FIFA“, contextualized Aguirre emphasizing those responsible.

About the procedure they had to do after the fight, he recounted: “First they took me to the infirmary to do the healing and then it took us like 5 hours without phones. We had to make statements and then we had to make a video call with the prosecutor of Qatar“.

This is how the shirt of the Argentines attacked in the Argentina-Mexico match was left.
This is how the shirt of the Argentines attacked in the Argentina-Mexico match was left.

In this sense, the Argentine remarked that at all times they were accompanied by people from the Argentine embassy, ​​the Ministry of Security and the Federal Police. “Everything is over past 4.30 in the morning“he counted.

He also insisted on noting that neither he nor his son had “nothing to do” with the start of the confrontation.

In no way did we initiate the problemWhat’s more, we were at our location. I went to FIFA to request the videos of the stadium so that it can be determined and it can be seen that they went looking for us to us”, affirms the father of the Aguirres, in the voice of both.

How the case continues in Qatar

Since the beginning of the World Cup that Qatar’s judicial system It is one of the topics that generated the most debate in different countries, either due to its strict laws or its sentences against illegality.

For this reason, Aguirre shared the advice given to him by the Argentine authoritiess before this case, taking into account their status as foreigners and the situation they were involved in.

“They advised us in the statements minimize what happened and not make any claims so as not to get hooked with some cause here. This seems to come to naught,” she said.

Although he emphasized: “I am going to make all the corresponding claims in FIFA. This is serious, it could have been much more serious. But thank God they were only blows”, closed the Argentine fan.


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