The anguish for the Selection

We were very impressed to see the reactions on the Argentine bench after each goal against Mexico. The outbreak of Pablito Aimar, which did not even react to Lionel Scaloni’s attempt to lower it to land. Y the technician’s own imploding grimaceconsummated the goal of Enzo Fernández that removed the ghosts that ate us since Tuesday.

Then the coach explained how difficult those hours in the Doha bunker had beenand seemed incredulous at how people take the luck of the team in the World Cup, when it was just a football game. His own conversation with his crying brother from Argentina infected him with the same anxiety.

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#TodosJuntos, the flag of the National Team

Argentine National Team28-11-2022

The moment when Scaloni and Aimar get excited

Scaloni is consistent with his usual speech: he did not climb any altar when he went 36 games undefeated and won the Copa América and the Finalissima, and lowered the sharp sounds of the excessive expectation.

But that crazy world that DT invites you to reflect on is the world in which elite football lives. It will be a topic for treatises on Social Psychology why our people feel more inspired by Maradona or Messi than by San Martín or Belgrano, but that’s how it is.

Fans cheering in a square in Buenos Aires (Photo - Marcelo Carroll).Fans cheering in a square in Buenos Aires (Photo – Marcelo Carroll).
Agüero: visit to the National Team with barbecue after the

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Agüero: visit to the National Team with barbecue after “if they don’t want me to go…”

That same crazy passion is what turns those who succeed with the ball into world celebrities much more recognized than a rural teacher or a border doctor. And even if he is excessive that everyone Argentines demand they win and win and always win, and it is unfair that overload on them all your frustrationsit must also be understood that among those who do it there are many people who do not know if they will be able to pay the rent, if they will have food to take home today or under which bridge they will throw their bones to rest.

And that often, those 90 minutes that the National Team plays are the only possibility that they have to feel for a while that they are not losers.



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