the amusing tradition of Wales which plays upside down during the official photo

The official photo that precedes the kick-off is an imposed figure that spans the years. The pause is always more or less classic, more or less warm, almost always orderly. South Americans have a long history of not fully kneeling in the front row, which gives the shot a more dynamic feel. Wales regularly brings an amusing mess, an astonishing imbalance. “ It front of United States, there were only three standing, in front of 8 squatting players. Against theIran in the aftermath, the row of standing players was slightly shifted to the left compared to the others “, indicates the Rtbf.

And this feature is not new. La Dépêche found a photo of the Welsh during the 1958 World Cup proudly presenting seven players standing in front of four seated. And to quote Joe Ledley; midfielder of the selection (77 caps) between 2005 and 2018 who explained to the Daily Mail in 2017 one of the potential reasons for this “ line up bizarre style » : « At first, we didn’t really think about it! But gradually, it was found that people were starting to notice it. It was awful ! So, we just thought we might as well keep going. »

Asked about the funny photo of the Welsh, Gareth Bale laughed: “I don’t know what you’re talking about…” The mystery of the Dragons. The Welsh will play their last Group B match this Tuesday against England. With a curiosity attached to the moments that precede the kick-off and attach to the photo. For the exception, the tradition, the smile.



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