The altitude of the CDMX, a challenge for Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo, quarterback de los san francisco 49ersaffirmed this Saturday that the altitude will be the main challenge for his team in the game next Monday against the Cardinals in the

Azteca Stadium in Mexico City

“The altitude will obviously be the main challenge; will test us. You realize that the boys aspire a little more, that’s good because it prepares us for the game on Monday”, said Garoppolo before the game of the week 11 of the 2022 season the NFL.

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The 49ers have been working since last Thursday in Colorado Springs, a city located south of Denver, which is 1,839 meters above sea level in preparation for his contest this Monday in the Mexico City which is located at an altitude of 2.400 metros.

The two-ring winning quarterback of Super Bowlwhich he earned when he played for the New England Patriots as support for Tom Brady, stressed that despite the changes in training routines they will be ready to play in the Azteca.

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“The trip implies that your schedule is not the same, the routine is not the same, but you just have to adapt and follow; it’s something we’ve done before, so it’s nothing new for us,” he expressed.

How does altitude affect the throwing of passes?

Garoppolo denied that the altitude will reduce his accuracy in his passes and gave the example of the match of week three in which the 49ers visit the Denver Broncosduel that although they lost 11-10, he completed 18 of 29 shipments.

“Everyone has asked me that. I don’t notice a big difference. I felt it when we played Denver earlier this year, the ball doesn’t really fly that differently; It’s not something I’ve given much thought to to be honest.”

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The San Francisco 49ers will travel this Sunday to the Mexico City after training in Colorado Springs.

On Monday the gambusinos will face for the second time in history in an NFL regular season game the Arizona Cardinals at the Azteca Stadium. The first time was in 2005, when they lost 31-14.

in this campaign San Francisco ranks second in the West of the NFC with five games won and four lost; the Cardinals are third in the same division with a 4-6 mark.


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