The 1st Blackminton is a resounding success • TNTV Tahiti Nui Télévision

The Badminton University Club of French Polynesia organized Friday evening, after 4 years of waiting, the first edition of “Blackminton”, a badminton tournament lit by fluorescent lights. 125 players from 5 clubs participated in the event.

Dressed in t-shirts, accessories or even fluorescent make-up, reacting to black light, the competitors stand out from the darkness. Obviously, the steering wheel is also fluorescent. The concept is very popular: it heightens the senses, and the concentration is more advanced.

You have to be much more focused on the shuttlecocks. We have a loss of height and depth perception, so we have to move more efficiently“, slips Nicolas Mouret, President of the Badminton University Club of French Polynesia.

16 teams have been formed and divided into 4 pools of 4. In singles, doubles and mixed, the matches are won at 55 points.

More than a competition, it was a question of probing the local public. And the competitors are unanimous: they want the blackminton to be organized regularly.