Thanks to the medals from the World Cup and the European Championship, Vadlejch defended his triumph in the Athlete of the Year poll

“I’m very happy that I had a medal at the World and European Championships and I’m even more happy that I threw ninety meters this year, because it was a lifelong dream. And the fact that I did it in the first race was a sweet spot to begin with ,” he told reporters.

In the voting of athletic officials, coaches and journalists, he scored 1,527 points and won by 226 points ahead of the world record holder Špotáková. She took care of the biggest athletic story of the season. At the EC, she won another big medal with her last attempt, and then decided to end her career at the age of 41. Shot putter Staněk is in third place in the poll for the fourth time in a row, who won his first outdoor medal after four indoor gold medals.

There were a total of four javelin throwers in the top six. In addition to Vadlejch and Špotáková, the fourth Vítězslav Veselý, who thus repeated the placing from the European Championship, and the sixth Nikola Ogrodníková. She advanced to the finals of both of this year’s top events. She was eighth at the World Championship and twelfth at the European Championship.

Among them, mile runner Kristiina Mäki, who flashed sixth place at the European Championship, was wedged in fifth place. Both big finals brought the men’s quarter relay to seventh place, whose leader Patrik Šorm as an individual completes the elite ten thanks to his fifth place at HMS. In front of him was eighth distance runner Radek Juška and ninth runner Eliška Martínková.

Vadlejch’s coach Jan Železný was named the best coach of the year for the seventh time. The award for the discovery of the year went to the fifth all-rounder of HMS Dorota Skřivanová. Jakub Dudycha, the junior European champion at 800 meters, became the Junior of the Year.



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