Thalhammer debuts with a home win in basement squatter against KV Kortrijk | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

  1. 42′ – Geel – Aleksandar Radovanovic
  2. 34′ – Geel 2 – Habib Keita
  3. 19′ – Goal – Massimo Bruno (1 – 1)
  4. 12′ – Geel – Habib Keita
  5. 8′ – Free kick goal – Fraser Hornby (1 – 0)
  1. 90+6′ – Goal – Cameron McGeehan (3 – 1)
  2. 90+1′ – Geel – Tatsuhiro Sakamoto
  3. 90′ – Verv. Kenny Rocha Santos door Manuel Osifo
  4. 83′ – Geel – Fraser Hornby
  5. 72′ – Yellow – Anton Tanghe
  6. 67′ – Verv. Billel Messaoudi by Dylan Mbayo
  7. 67′ – Cont. Massimo Bruno by David Henen
  8. 65′ – Cont. Robbie D’Haese by Alessandro Albanese
  9. 61′ – Cont. Indy Boonen by David Atanga
  10. 61′ – Cont. Brecht Capon by Fanos Katelaris
  11. 54′ – Goal – Cameron McGeehan (2 – 1)

Dominik Thalhammer has bagged a three-pointer in his first game at the helm of KVO. Against 10 players, the home team distanced itself from KV Kortrijk in the second half. Ostend thus moves to safer places in the standings, Kortrijk remains in danger of relegation.

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  1. end, 10 p.m. 56. END: 3-1. Immediately the last achievement of this match. KV Oostende is doing a good job with these 3 points, Thalhammer makes his debut with a win. KV Kortrijk remains behind with 0 points and in 16th place. .
  2. second half, minute 97 match over
  3. second half, minute 97. GOAL 3-1 McGeehan with his second of the evening. It had to work once for KV Oostende. They are outnumbered on a quick counterattack and McGeehan kicks the decision past Ilic into goal. .
  4. Goal during second half, minute 96 by KV Oostende’s Cameron McGeehan. 3, 1.
  5. second half, minute 95. Chance after chance, Ostend now misses. It always goes wrong with the last pass. Hornby’s pipe appears to be completely finished. .
  6. second half, minute 92. Kortrijk has 4 minutes left. 2 of the 6 extra minutes have already been used up. Ostend keeps the pressure on Kortrijk with yet another corner. .
  7. second half, minute 91. There’s Watanabe again. This time it is not with the head but with the thigh that he decides towards the goal. That way you won’t get Phillips in trouble, of course. .
  8. Yellow card for KV Oostende’s Tatsuhiro Sakamoto during the second half, minute 91
  9. second half, minute 90. Substitution at KV Oostende, Manuel Osifo in, Kenny Rocha Santos out
  10. second half, minute 88. There’s Ostend’s answer again. A colliding ball from Albanian is processed by Ilic in a new corner. .
  11. second half, minute 87. Kortrijk finds itself on the switch after an Ostend corner with 3 attackers against 2 defenders. A handsome ball from Mbayo seems to open it, but no shot follows. .
  12. Dessoleil also needs care. The caretakers give a thumbs up, the defender can resume the fight after a contact in midfield. . second half, minute 85.
  13. Yellow card for Fraser Hornby of KV Oostende during the second half, minute 83
  14. second half, minute 82. Watanabe almost equalized! Henen does get a lot of time and space to continue, Watanabe comes in but heads over. .
  15. Mbayo lands badly. Medical assistance for Mbayo, who is correctly tackled from the ball by McGeehan after a nice action. . second half, minute 81.
  16. Ilic keeps Kortrijk in the match. This rescue was already a little more difficult. Ambrose has plenty of time to lash out. Still, he doesn’t do well, he kicks within Ilic’s range. . second half, minute 78.
  17. second half, minute 77. Ostend comes to the surface again. Hornby lashes out, no problem for Ilic, who goes flat. .
  18. Smet is called to the screen, but no penalty. The VAR thinks that Smet should come and see the images again. After seeing those images, he judges that it is not a penalty after all. It seems a right decision. . second half, minute 75.
  19. second half, minute 73. Penalty kick for KV Kortrijk! The pressure of the visitors is mounting. Katelaris and Sakamoto sandwich Avenatti and Smet does not hesitate. He points to the dot. It is especially cleverly provoked by the for the time being invisible Avenatti, there doesn’t seem to be much going on. .
  20. Yellow card for Anton Tanghe of KV Oostende during the second half, minute 72


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