Tennis.-Tennis/Davis.- Lexus maintains its commitment to sport as the main sponsor of the Davis Cup in Malaga


An ‘electrifying’ experience. This is what Lexus intends to achieve as the official automotive sponsor of the Davis Cup by Rakuten Finals 2022 that take place in several of the main European cities and that, until November 27, is currently taking place in Malaga, the capital of the Costa del Sol.

Between Lexus and the Davis Cup, a true connection has been established with customers and fans looking for unforgettable experiences. But also with the players in this competition, since the vehicles used to move them and their teams belong to Lexus, a brand that has placed a powerful emphasis on ‘Lexus Electrified’, the synergy that exists between the energy of one of the most exciting tennis tournaments in the world, the thrill of driving an electric or hybrid Lexus model and the necessary pursuit of environmental sustainability.

In this way, the focus of this competition in Malaga has been centered on the new RX, which occupies one of the corners of the pitch, but also on the plug-in hybrid NX, the new 100% electric RZ and the hybrid UX. Some vehicles that surround the José María Martín Carpena sports palace, where the Davis Cup is held in Malaga, and that attract the eyes of all the tennis fans who arrive to witness the matches.

The importance of the union between Lexus and the Davis Cup is put into perspective when we remember that this competition was founded in 1900 and, over more than 122 years, has grown to become the largest annual world championship in the sport, with up to 142 nations. enrolled.

In the words of the vice president in charge of Lexus Europe, Pascal Ruch, “the Davis Cup is one of the most emblematic sports competitions in the world, with a unique format in multiple European cities” for this reason “it represents an opportunity to bring together the best athletes and fans under one roof, many of whom are looking to unite luxury, something that is personal, and their passions.” And, in this sense, “Lexus as a brand shares this affinity for incredible dedication to craftsmanship, unparalleled luxury and unmissable experiences.”

For his part, for the director of the Davis Cup by Rakuten Finals 2022, David Ferrer, he assured that “it is a great luxury to have Lexus again for the third edition of the finals” since “Lexus is demonstrating its enormous capacity to management, service and professionalism”. “We are confident that, as in the past, the best players and teams around the world will be delighted with the performance that Lexus will provide in competition,” he added.



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