Tennis ATP Finals: F. Auger-Al. against T. Fritz – live ticker – Green Group – 2022


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 6:6 (3:5)

Fritz is allowed to serve again and quickly makes everything clear with a precise longliner. It’s heading towards crunch time.


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 6:6 (3:4)

Now Auger-Aliassime manages the first serve and voila, Fritz can’t keep up quickly.


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 6:6 (2:4)

Auger-Aliassime only gets through the second serve and already puts the second return out!


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 6:6 (2:3)

Fritz brings an ace through in the middle and takes the lead!


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 6:6 (2:2)

And again the Canadian returned too far – 2:2!


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 6:6 (2:1)

Then again, however, a central rocket from Auger-Aliassime, which ends in the Service Winner.


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 6:6 (1:1)

This time Fritz finds his way into the rally and can actually force his opponent to make a mistake!


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 6:6 (1:0)

The Canadian takes the lead with another of his powerful serves!


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 6:6

In fact, Auger-Aliassime gets the game through with more strong serves and will certainly be able to live better with the tie-break.


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 5:6

Another service winner behind, the Canadian turns the game and seems to be able to avert the break.


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 5:6

Auger-Aliassime gets an ace through diagonally! 15 both.


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 5:6

Fritz benefits from a net roller and smashes the abandoned ball longline! 15:0.


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 5:6

That happens very quickly, Fritz wins his third game without losing a point. Break or tie-break, that’s just the question.


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 5:5

In the return game, Auger-Aliassime at least continues to have problems. Whereby he is also powerless with an ace.


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 5:5

Now that’s a nice cross shot from the wrist! Does the Canadian turn up punctually at crunch time?


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 4:5

Then, however, the longliner gets too far again. Auger-Aliassime doesn’t want to succeed in a completely sovereign service game, but he’ll be fine as long as he doesn’t concede a break.


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 4:5

Auger-Aliassime dares to go to the net and volleys through the side. More of that is needed in this match.


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 4:5

Another device! From an incredible angle, he lets the Canadian dive into the corner in vain. He also keeps this game to himself.


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 4:4

Fritz doesn’t manage to get his serves through that quickly. On the other hand, he usually has the upper hand in the rallies and makes Auger-Aliassime look old with a sharp crossball.


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 4:4

Now Auger-Aliassime also manages a sovereign service game thanks to his strong serves. To win, he brings an ace through in the middle.


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 3:4

In this game, too, Fritz only gives up one point. The American is currently the significantly better player on the pitch, but cannot convert this into a break.


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 3:3

This match is not particularly high class. With a slice from outside the field into the corner, the side spin is correct, but Auger-Aliassime is clearly too far.


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 3:3

So this game goes to the Canadian again, even if he has his troubles.


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 2:3

The longest rally so far in the match. In the end, Taylor Fritz again goes a little too far!


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 2:3

Double fault becomes ace! Auger-Aliassime’s serve actually touches the right line. 30 both.


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 2:3

Auger-Aliassime has actually arranged his opponent perfectly with the serve, but then puts the forehand just behind the orphaned left corner. Unnecessary.


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 2:3

The backhand is struggling a bit, but Fritz keeps this service game under control.


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 2:2

The American is now also making a few unforced errors and giving up the first point ever in one of his service games.


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 2:2

Two more times only centimeters are missing. That annoyed Fritz, because it felt like a break was imminent!


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 1:2

Fritz is annoyed by a backhand return that was set slightly too far and a stop ball that was set too short. But then he brings through a sharp cross and puts both in the return game on 30!


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 1:2

Auger-Aliassime does not succeed much. He doesn’t get a simple drop shot over the net. He’s already made five unforced errors, and Fritz hasn’t made any yet.


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 1:2

However, Fritz acts much more confidently in his service game and again does not give up a single point! Forehand is a power, and not just on serve.


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 1:1

Either a tight serve or a weak rally – Auger-Aliassime has not yet found a middle ground. However, the tight serves are in the majority in his service game, so he can equalize at 1:1.


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 0:1

However, as soon as only the second serve comes through, he shows weaknesses in the return again. 30 both.


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 0:1

The answer is a lot of power! Auger-Aliassime gets through two hard-to-defend service winners.


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 0:1

Going fast! Fritz decides the game for himself without losing a point, Auger-Aliassime doesn’t get into the rallies at all. Let’s see what the Canadian has to offer on his own serve.


Auger-Aliassime – Fritz 0:0

It starts! Fritz serves first.


Only a direct duel

On New Year’s Day of this year, both players met for the first and only time so far. Taylor Fritz won the ATP Cup, which has since been suspended, 2-1,


The players enter the court!

As a reminder: It’s about the semi-finals! Novak Djokovic is already qualified in the red group, but the decision about second place will not be made until tomorrow.


Auger-Aliassime is an indoor specialist

You might have expected a little more from the young Canadian at this tournament, but like Fritz he too lost to Casper Ruud, even in two sets. Auger-Aliassime had won 26 matches and four ATP titles on hard ground so far this season. Fritz, on the other hand, only managed one win on an indoor course in the whole year, so he actually goes into today’s match as a clear outsider.


Both beat Nadal

Admittedly, the Spanish old master was not in his best form at the ATP Finals. Nevertheless, the two-set victories of Auger-Aliassime and Taylor Fritz were not necessarily to be expected in this form before the start of the tournament. Fritz even won his second set against Nadal 6-1. The American, who is ninth in the world rankings, is only there because of Carlos Alcaraz’s withdrawal.


Have a nice evening and welcome to the last individual in the green group!

Felix Auger-Aliassime and Taylor Fritz fight in a direct duel for the second ticket for the semi-finals. From 21:10 it starts in Turin!



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