Telethon: an evening to discover martial arts in the entertainment area

As part of the Telethon, a martial arts evening is organized on Friday, November 25, at 7:30 p.m. in Luc’s entertainment area.

Last Thursday, Maryse Vacquier, local delegate of the Telethon, and the managers of the various clubs due to intervene held a press conference, room Trégou in the entertainment area of ​​Luc, to present the program for this evening: Jean-Marc Bret for the taiji quan (tai-chi chan) and qi gong, Jean-Jacques Bonnefé and Gwenaëlle Viard for Judo Rodez Aveyron, Julie Chlorate for savate boxing, Sandrine Mariotte, Alfred Rivero and Sylvain Tartenson for aikido, Romain Blanes and Victorien Amillard for French boxing, Jacques Ennequin and Gérard Panis for Flavin’s karate club and Jean Garguillo for Olemps Sébazac’s Shotokai karate. The Luco-Primaubois and the inhabitants of neighboring municipalities are invited to come and see the various demonstrations offered to show the values ​​and advantages of all these disciplines throughout the evening. “Faced with the suffering of people with neuromuscular diseases and the disarray of families, it seems obvious that as athletes enjoying good health, to contribute financially to medical research. For this, we are counting on a large public , sensitive to our approach”, organizers said. It will be a great moment of sharing between the different disciplines! Admission: €5. The entire profit generated during this evening will be donated to the benefit of the Telethon.



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