Team judo 34: school of respect and modesty

On Monday October 3, Fabien Fornell gave his first judo lesson in Nézignan. A month and a half later, fifteen students are on the tatami. At 38, this sports professional for 18 years has just created his club, Team Judo 34 de Nézignan. Black belt 3rd dan, holder of BEES and DEJEPS, he began his career as an educator in Béziers in 2004 with the Railwaymen then immediately joined the high-level club of Olympic judo Nice where he spent 15 years. Several times champion in Languedoc and Paca, selected for the senior French team in 2020, he finished 5th in the veteran world championship in 2021.

Back in his native region, he wants to establish himself in a sustainable way in Nézignan and grow his club. “Judo is more than a sporthe said. It is the school of respect, of modesty, one acquires control and self-confidence there.. These are the values ​​that he wants to share with his students and if young people are the majority today, he wants to see adults, practitioners and beginners.

Fabien is teeming with ideas like “to offer the school an educational cycle including an initiation to judo” or “create multi-activity courses during the holidays to avoid idleness of children” because he sees judo “as a component of personal development”, he adds.



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