Street dispute with baseball bat, 4 reported – Tuscany

In Florence, police investigations to identify other participants

(ANSA) – FLORENCE, NOVEMBER 27 – Four people have been reported by the police in Florence for fighting and carrying offensive objects.

Last night, around 2, a report arrived at the Operations Room of the police station about a street dispute. On the spot, in via Verdi, the investigators explain, the police intervened and found the 118 staff and some witnesses from whose stories it emerged that a car while it was passing would have been surrounded by some people. Four men allegedly got out of the vehicle, three Dominicans and an Italian, who, also holding a baseball bat, started a scuffle with those who had surrounded the car.

The four had already been taken to the Santa Maria Nuova hospital where they were reported. In addition to the baseball bat, a switchblade knife was also found in the car.

Investigations are underway to identify the other people involved in the dispute (ANSA).