Storm Ultras quip after elimination: “Football is great”

After the elimination in the Belgian Cup, the Storm Ultras are angry and let it be known in their own way.

In open conflict with Mehdi Bayat, the Storm Ultras opt, since the exit of their managing director complaining about the treatment accorded to him, for a more ironic approach. After the pitiful elimination in Croky Cup, they let go. After having taken some quotes from Mehdi Bayat evoking the situation of the club and trying to be positive, they write:

” In short. Everything is fine .
We stay positive 🙂.
Football is cool 🙂.
The real supporters, they are always to be encouraged without criticizing, because otherwise they are not real supporters huh 🙂
We are happy and optimistic 🙂
All together 🙂
Let’s do a “collective” hug to stay positive ❤️

All accompanied by a clear photo: Mehdi Bayat “when things are going well” and “when things are going badly”, sporting the same impassive face next to banknotes…



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