Steelers vs. Colts betting tip; Which team will win at Monday Night Football?

The week 12 from NFL will be concluding with this spectacular game. Meet the forecast of Pittsburgh Steelers vs Indianapolis Colts from Season 2022.

Your goal is to improve the winning brand.

This Monday, November 28the franchises will have ‘action’ in the Lucas Oil Stadiumat 7:15 pm (Central Mexico).

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His last ‘shock’ in the NFL took place on December 27, 2020 in the Heinz Field and the winner was Pittsburghby 28-24.

Which team is better?

Neither, both lost in the week 11.

Indianapolis was surpassed by Philadelphia Eagles (16-17) y Pittsburgh fell in front of Cincinnati Bengals (30-37).

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In addition, they record the following records: Colts it’s in the second place from AFC Oncon 4-6-1while Steelers is the worst placed (4th) of the AFC Northcon 3-7.

The forecast of sports nation for him Pittsburgh Steelers vs Indianapolis Colts is the following: Pittsburgh.



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