Spurring the creation of infrastructure in Wonju, the city of sports

At the end of this year, construction of a complex sports center and baseball field was completed one after another.
Opening early next year… Expectations for the expansion of life sports

[Wonju]Sports facility infrastructure is being established one after another in Wonju.

According to Wonju City, the 4th baseball stadium construction project in Taejang Sports Complex, which invested 12.2 billion won, is in the final stage and is about to open soon. Construction on the first record room was recently completed, and the remaining construction on the first side of the baseball field is in the final stages.

The project to build a multi-purpose stadium in Baegunsan Mountain, Panbu-myeon, with a total project cost of 780 million won, is currently at 90% completion rate. It will open early next year as an indoor stadium for badminton and table tennis.

The construction of the complex training center is also progressing smoothly. In the case of the Donggwon Station (Innovation City) and Namgwon Station (Musil-dong) Complex Sports Center construction project, the construction is nearing completion. As soon as the construction work is completed next month, the interior will be finished and will be opened to the public in the first half of next year. Multi-purpose sports facilities such as squash courts and swimming pools will be built for each center.

The city is also planning to conduct a bidding through the Public Procurement Service to select a design company for the Taejang Complex Sports Center construction project in the northern area (Taejang-dong). A total project cost of KRW 26.3 billion (excluding land purchase cost) will be invested, and an indoor swimming pool with 8 lanes of 50m length, diving pool, and spectator seats will be installed. It is also possible to host national competitions.

The 18 billion won project to create a complex sports center in the West District (Enterprise City) started last August. In addition, five tennis courts have recently been built in Bangok-dong Innovation City Sports Park and Children’s Traffic Park.

Kim Myeong-rae, head of the city’s sports department, said, “We will do our best to create a healthy city where everyone who is an axis of municipal administration in the 8th popular election by expanding the sports infrastructure by region.”



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