Sportivo stayed one step away from the final

A very good campaign was carried out by the team led by Sebastián Silva in the Metropolitan League, where they led their zone undefeated and did not waver to leave teams like Villa Miter and Estudiantil Porteño on the road in the playoffs, which invited to get excited about lifting the title.

This, added to the elimination of Presidente Derqui and Sociedad Hebraica in the quarterfinals, made all the Pilarense spotlights point to “La Caldera” to support the only representative of our district in the semifinal phase.

What was done in advance allowed them to appear before their people in a single-match definition, but in front they would have a rival of the stature of Racing Club de Avellaneda, who had just given the surprise by categorically beating Rojinegro in Carpegna.

A very even start to the actions led us to presume that the night lent itself to great emotions, where the visit managed to make a difference at the end to go ahead by 21 to 16. In the second set, the lack of effectiveness on the part of Sportivo Pilar was surprising. something that the Academy knew how to take advantage of to make a good difference and go up at halftime by 38 to 25.

With a distance of 13 points in their favor, Avellaneda’s cast was limited to managing the game times and impeding the advance of the home owner, who sought to get closer without success through different means and the third period would close 38 to 55.

In the last set, those from Avenida Tomás Márquez managed to score more than their rival, but it was only enough to recover four points and decorate the score with 62 to 75.

Sportivo Pilar’s best player throughout the night was Francisco Ruíz, who once again showed his class with his 20 units, being very well accompanied by Marcos Revello (12) and Facundo Sánchez (12). It should be noted that in Racing the figure was former Atlético Pilar player, Nicolás Remolina, with 17 points.

In this way, the final will be played between Racing de Avellaneda and El Talar, who beat Sportivo Escobar at home by 76 to 68, next Sunday on a neutral court.



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