smiles for Azzurra, Kontovel, San Vito and Pall.TS U19

In the rest shift of C Goldthe recovery of the championship in Murano does not smile at the Jadran Monticolo&Photos: the “operation-hooking” to the top of the group is not successful for Oberdan’s team, clearly defeated in the lagoon for 79-60 in a subdued match and balanced only in the first quarter (12 points each for Ban and Malalan). The plavi thus remain at 10 points, at -2 from the first in the class.

In C Silverthe Servolana falls again against a big one: after the knockout against Corno di Rosazzo, this time it is Dinamo Gorizia who wins the squad against Lussetti (78-70). The Isonzo experience makes itself felt, at 57-57 in the middle of the last quarter it is Braidot and Colli’s partial that makes the difference and gives the hosts the victory. On the Servolana front, Murabito (22) and Schillani (13) did well, in forty minutes that were still comforting despite the knockout. Instead, the black moment of the B4Tin its eighth defeat of the season: in Sacile (90-69) a good first half is not enough to return to victory (Fragiacomo 18 points).

In series Dil Kontovel he gets back on track after the rest session: the 68-55 obtained on the Gradisca parquet allows Peric’s team to remain in the upper quarters of the standings (Skerl with 20 points scored). Good news comes fromAzzurra Several Insurance Broker: an excellent second quarter from 27-12 allows Hruby’s boys to take the two points against Dom Gorizia, who fall at the Allianz Dome for 72-67 (excellent Paiano and Finatti, respectively with 24 and 16 points). Remains in the group of the former also the San Vitowhich excavates the Palabunker of Don Bosco 77-63: the Salesians did well in the first quarter, then the guests spread in the third quarter, limiting the return of the hosts in the final (Grimaldi makes 19, on the Don Bosco side 18 for Sala). And celebrate it again too Trieste Under 19 Basketball, at his second consecutive win this season and with Bazzarini on the bench: another excellent match from Dovera and Obljubech (both finish with 18 on the scoresheet), drags the young red and white team to Cormons to a very precious 55-51 victory. Finally, nothing to do for the Santosdefeated in Ronchi 71-62 and the fifth consecutive backhand, and for theInterclub Muggianarrow defeat at Monfalcone (68-63, Germani’s 21 are not enough).



Virtus Murano – Jadran Monticolo&Foti 79-60
Jadran Monticolo&Photos: Batich 8, Malalan 12, Milisavljevic 5, Zidaric 6, Jakin, Ban 12, De Petris 8, Gobbato 7, Pregarc 2. All. Oberdan

The classification: Oderzo and Virtus Murano 12; Pordenone Basket System and Jadran Monticolo&Foti 10; IS Copy Cus 6; Jesolo 4; San Donà 2; Codroipo 0.


Dinamo Gorizia – Lussetti Servolana 78-70
Lussetti Servolana: Murabito 22, Schillani 13, Giustolisi 5, Rebelli 2, Segre’, Pobega 8, Milicne, Gori 3, Venturini 5, Godina 5, Prato 3, Dedenaro 4. All. Trani

Humus Sacile – Avantpack B4T 90-69
Avantapack B4T: Macoratti 8, Balbi 10, Fragiacomo 18, Giovanetti 4, Melis, Mosetti ne, Visonà 2, Gallocchio 11, Giustina 1, Catenacci 7, Fatigati 7. All. Coppola

The standings: Dinamo Gorizia 16; Corno di Rosazzo, Cordenons and Udine BC 12; San Daniele and Cervignano 10; Lombards Cividale and Lussetti Servolana 8; Spilimbergo 6; Torre Basket Pordenone and Sacile 4; B4T and Bor Radenska 2.


Don Bosco San Vito 63-77
Don Bosco
: Bratos 2, Surace, Ferhabtbegovic, Cesana 2, Zacchigna 3, Toso 9, Pizzol, Sala 18, Toffoli 8, Katalan 7, Pastor, Minervini 14.
San Vito: Scorcia, Zanini 6, Mihelj, Suzzi 14, Grimaldi 19, Ruzzier, Gregori, Cigliani 6, Schwagel 4, Cernivani 12, Crotta 11, Svab 5. All. Joke

Alba Cormons – Trieste Basketball 51-55
Trieste basketball
: Obljubech 18, Millo, Maran, Camporeale 10, Crnobrnja, Cavinato 3, Morgut 3, Bittolo Bon, Dovera 18, Desobgo 3. All. Bazzarini

Pall. Monfalcone – Interclub Muggia 68-63
Interclub Muggia
: Spolaore 11, Sodomaco 3, Gelleni 5, Manuelli 8, Giovannini, Zampa 5, De Petris 6, Bembich, Germani 21, Rakic ​​4, D ‘ Iglio. Herd Zgur

Gradisca – Kontovel 55-68
Kontovel: A. Daneu 9, N. Daneu 6, Cicogna, Skerl 20, Raseni, Mattiassich, S. Regent 9, Doljak, Starc 2, G. Regent 5, Scocchi 9. All. Peric

Azzurra Several Insurance Broker – Dom Gorizia 72-67
Azzurra Several Insurance Broker: Paiano 24, Finatti 16, Maiola 14, Lo Duca 9, Valenti 6, Verz 2, Dmitrovic 1, Dolcetti, Cossutta, Termini, Perossa. All. Hruby

Ronchi – Santos 71-62

Ranking: Pall. Monfalcone 14; Kontovel and San Vito 12; Azzurra Several Insurance Brokers 10; Interclub Muggia, Gradisca and Ronchi BC 8; Santos and Dom Gorizia 6; Basketball Trieste 4; Don Bosco and Alba Cormons 2.



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