Shurna snatches the victory from Girona

The Gran Canaria has subjected to Basketball Girona in Fontajau in an erratic game that was decided in extra time (69-78). Jaka’s Lakovic They have had a great second quarter and have come to dominate by eleven points, but after resting on their laurels, they have seen how the locals tied the match and have even had a double option to win in the last moments of regulation time that they have not taken advantage of . In extra time, a very inspired John Shurna (22 points) has given the victory to the visitors drilling the ring from the perimeter (6/10 T3).

The inaccuracies have staged the start of the game. Five minutes into the first half, the score was barely 2-2 and the hoop ejected -almost literally from within- the most unlikely baskets to the astonishment of the public. Both teams have had a hard time finding unmarked men and have been tremendously erratic.

The meeting has progressed in fits and starts until Slaughter He has unblocked the yellows from the perimeter. Mark Gasol He has appeared to the rescue of the locals, dominating the rebound and holding the score for the Catalan squad. Shurna has awakened from the line of three and has spurred on his team while Fjellerup He has responded by cutting the gap to leave Aíto’s team to five points (33-38).

After the break, a partial of 0-5 has placed a maximum difference of eleven points in favor of the canaries. The Girona has afflicted the poor performance of Miletic and, despite having a vindicated Sorolla, it seemed that the players of Aito they were unable to put up a gear. The canaries have slowed down and have given wings to the locals, who have fully immersed themselves in the game thanks to Gasol y Taylor (56-57). With three minutes to go, Eric Vila has put equity on the scoreboard (58-58).

Oriola, from the perimeter, turned the score around (61-58) and Taylor maintained the difference with a jump shot. Fontajau It has become a pressure cooker, but Salvó’s pulse has not trembled and he has closed the gap from the personnel line (63-62) with 55 seconds still on the line. Albicy has tied the match from personal (63-63) to force overtime and some tachycardia among the public.

In the addition, Shurna has turned the score around (65-66) stabbing with a triple and oriola has returned equity. Shurna, with her particular shooting mechanics, has pierced the rim from the perimeter and Diop he has crushed the hoop to extend the distance to five (66-71). A loss of the ball has given wings to Gran Canaria which, once again thanks to Shurna He has sentenced the options of the locals (66-73).


Girona, 69 – Gran Canaria, 78

69 – Basketball Girona (12+19+11+19+6): Colom (6), Taylor (13), Garino (2), Prkacin (2), Gasol (13) -starting five-; Vila (4), Oriola (10), Fjellerup (8), Sorolla (6), Miletic (2), Figueras (-) and Franch (3).

78 – Gran Canaria (10+28+14+11+15): Albicy (5), Salughter (8), Brussino (-), Shurna (22), Balcerowski (7) -starting five-; Diop (2), Salvó (13), Benite (8), Bassas (10) and Inglis (3).

Referees: García González, Castillo and González.

Incidents: Game of the eighth day of the group stage of the Endesa League, played in front of 5,022 fans at the Fontajau Pavilion, in Girona.

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