she was alone with her son, she wants to move house –

from Federica Bandirali

“I was at home alone with Tommaso, our two-year-old son when the thieves entered,” the presenter told Gazzetta dello Sport. Fear and anguish: the couple wants to move house, leaving the house in the center of Turin where they live

The presenter and influencer Michela Persico and her partner Daniele Rugani were victims of apartment thieves twice within a month. Michela herself denounced it in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, recounting the anguish and those moments of terror she experienced. «Three weeks ago the first night of fear – explained Persico-. Then a new case in recent days. Now we can’t stand it anymore and we are looking for a new home».

The model and presenter tells. «I was at home alone with Tommaso, our two-year-old son, because as always after matches Daniele stays to sleep in the Juventus hotel at the Continassa. Tommaso had a fever and so that evening I asked my partner not to turn off his cell phone. Around 3 in the morning I heard the front door open. I immediately thought of a surprise from Daniele – she explained -. But a few moments later I realized it wasn’t him and that someone had broken into the living room and was moving objects around. I immediately picked up my son and, not having the keys to lock myself in my room, I called Daniele and he in turn called the police. The thieves, however, didn’t leave and so, instinctively, I turned on the lights in the house. Luckily at that point they ran away. And shortly after, the police arrived.”

But that wasn’t all yet. After the match against Verona, the second theft attempt: «I was always alone at home with my son. The time was also more or less the same, around 3 in the morning. This time, however, as soon as they tried to break in the door, the alarm went off and they left. But it still wasn’t pleasant. Far from it».

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