Semifinals of international badminton tournament begin in Guatemala

Guatemala City, Nov 12 (Prensa Latina) Guatemala, El Salvador, France, the United States, Canada, Colombia and Costa Rica will play today the semifinals of the badminton tournament based in this capital.

In the women’s single, the French Malya Hoareau and the Canadian Johnna Rymes will face each other, as well as the Guatemalan Mariana Palacios and the Colombian Juliana Giraldo.

Tino Doudal (France) and Saketh Upadhya (United States) will star in the men’s singles matches, alongside the pair of Justin Ma (United States) and Yuta Kikuchi (Japan).

In the men’s double, a first duel will be between Salvadorans Manuel Mejía and Kennet Suria against Josué Duran and José Orellana.

The next match will be played by the Guatemalans Ramiro Alonso and José Ochoa against José Luis Granados and Antonio Ortiz.

In the feminine, the sisters Mariana and Alejandra Paiz, from the host country, will face off with the Salvadorans Gabriela Barrios and Margareth Ravelo.

Likewise, Adriana Barrios (Guatemala) and Lauren Villalobos (Costa Rica) will seek the pass against Salvadorans Fátima Centeno and Daniela Hernández.

In the mixed doubles, El Salvador will compete against France through the pairs of Javier Alas and Centeno vs. Daoudal and Hoareau.

Colombians Miguel Quirama and Juliana Giraldo will also fight for a place at the top of the podium against Guatemalans Christopher Ramírez and Mariana Paiz.

The III Guatemala Future Series 2022 began last Thursday on the courts of the Teodoro Palacio Flores gym in zone 5 of the capital and will conclude next Sunday.

The event brought together 60 badminton players from Canada, the United States, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, France, Japan, Trinidad and Tobago, and Guatemala.




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