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América de Cali defeated Deportivo Pasto 2-1 for the third day of group B of the final home runs of the second half of the BetPlay Dimayor League 2022, at the Pascual Guerrero Olympic Stadium. In which, the American cast took an important breather to stay alive in the group and Pasto practically liquidated their options to reach the final.

During the first moments of the match, the Valle del Cauca players took the ball and began to have possession, moving the ball from one side to the other, but without finding any space in the attack. While the pastusos waited in defense and tried to counterattack from the sides. At minute 10, the visitors put together a good sequence of passes down the right side between Gilberto García, Mariano Vásquez and Facundo Boné, who came alone in front of goalkeeper Diego Novoa and the striker was unable to make the first goal of the night.

About 22 minutes, the game livened up a little more with two chances, one for each side. First, the Nariñenses with a free kick from Gilberto García, which Novoa controlled with no problem, and then América with a shot from Brayan Vera, but without much power.

Five minutes later, John García recovered the ball in his own field, played with Esneyder Mena on the right flank, who advanced several meters, crossed low, Iago Falque let it pass to Juan David Pérez, in which the winger inside the area looked for the best location and made the partial 1-0, to the left post of the tricolor goalkeeper.

Then the volcanoes reacted again with a free kick from the side with García, but he had the same finish at the hands of Novoa. Then the Scarlets had the same play on the right side, Falque executed and goalkeeper Diego Martínez controlled the ball. At minute 39, Vera had a new opportunity from outside the area, but the goalkeeper again stopped the danger. Before closing the initial part, Flavio Torres made the first substitution with the entry of Adrián Estacio for Yilson Rosales.

For the final stage, America recovered the initiative with some approaches to the opposite goal, but they lacked a final stitch. The pastusos suffered a bit, but little by little they were getting out of that pressure, although they continued to have difficulties moving into the attack zone.

The volcanics were going to make three changes, but at minute 58, the team came from the bottom, the local had a very slight mark, in which Jeison Medina on the line in a good individual, eluded the mark of Kevin Andrade and Daniel Quiñones , assisted Adrián Estacio, who was entering the area alone and finished off first to finalize the tie at one goal.

The two teams continued to seek the advantage, but eight minutes later, the Red Devils advanced down the left sector with Pérez and Nicolas Giraldo, the winger threw the low center into the heart of the area and Adrián Ramos first-intentionally hit the goalkeeper’s post, scoring the goal. 2-1 partial.

Immediately the visit made four substitutions. César Quintero, Víctor Arboleda, Léiner Escalante and Facundo Ospitaleche entered for Juan Garavito, Vásquez, Camilo Ayala and Boné. Then Alexandre Guimaraes sent Daniel Hernández for Falque.

At minute 74, the Scarlets had to score the calming goal, with a ball that Daniel Quiñones headed to Ramos and the striker was unable to finish in front of goalkeeper Martínez. Four minutes later, Ramos himself left Pérez hand in hand with the goalkeeper, defined and hit the goalkeeper’s right upright.

Then Deiner Quiñones entered the reds for Pérez. At 83 minutes, Deiner joined Ramos, the captain assisted Esneyder, who scored the third for his team, but was later ruled out by VAR. In the end, América controlled the game and added its first three points of this second phase.

These same two rivals will face each other again next weekend, but at the Libertad de Pasto Departmental Stadium, on date 4 of the group B home run.

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