Saudi Arabia – a letter to the national team

Dear Saudi Arabia National Team,

It’s almost time for us to head to the first World Cup in the Middle East region to play on the biggest stage in world football. But before you go and represent our country proudly, I would like to share with you this message that we are on this journey together and I will be rooting for you with my heart like all of us!

My name is Hala Khashoggi from Jeddah, I am a medical student and a football player for Ittihad Ladies Football club. I’ve been a fan of the national team for as long as I can remember, you inspired me to be the football player I am today. Watching players from my region and country proudly wear the white and green colors set me on a path to be bigger than myself, and one day walk in your shoes and inspire female players to do the same.

Watching players from my region like Mohammed Noor, Hattan Bahabri and countless others from Jeddah inspires me and shows me that anything is possible, and seeing the Crown Prince welcome you and give you the faith to play with your head held high has lifted the spirit of the country that this year at FIFA WORLD CUP QATAR 2022 we will show the world what we are made of.

Our country has provided us with great moments over the years reaching the round of 16. With this incredible team, who showed character and unity this year, we are hopeful to go further and write history. What I love about this current team is how connected they feel together with their mission and having a modern style of play with a lot of potential and threat, although I have one simple piece of advice for coach Hervé Renard: please never give up, because we believe in your project and give our young players the chance to express themselves, as they are hungry and willing to show the world that they are at this level.

I will be watching and rooting for the team every game until my last breath. Unfortunately I won’t be able to be there because I’m playing in Saudi Arabia’s first women’s league, but I’ll be motivated by you to play as well as possible.

Our mission is to empower Saudi football and give our amazing fans moments of magic and bring them happiness. We have one of the most exclusive fanbases that will always support you no matter what and will always root for you to win.

We will give it our all as we always do and you will too. You have given us many beautiful memories and we are going to create some more. So one day we will talk to our children and grandchildren about this incredible generation.

With lots of love and support. Lead us to glory!


Hala Khashoggi



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