Satisfaction and think about the next one

Valuation. “Winning playing well is very easy, being as thick as in the first half is much more complicated. The most important thing was to win and we have done it. There are positive, good things that I liked, and others that I didn’t like at all. It was important to recover the path of victory and we have done it, above all else. I am happy and satisfied, already thinking about a long week to receive CB Almansa”.

First part. “The first part we have been very cold, also the pavilion, the team did not broadcast, it was very out of the game. It doesn’t help that you don’t score anything with completely solo shots. We have looked for other options, going inside. It has been a tough meeting. Coming out of the locker room has been good. We understood that we needed more rhythm, more speed and we did it to win both sets of the second half”.

Own names. “Today’s match is part of Pantzar’s formation. In the first half he made two fouls, sat down and was able to throw the team on his back. Kevin Allen has been very good near the basket. And Sergio. It is the first big game in which he has been adding for the team and others like Mike, Greg or Mazaira with a good note. They have given a positive note to win ”.

mazaira de alero. “It is an option that we are going to contemplate more. Mazaira has a hand and we can work it. I talked to him about it in the summer before signing him and he can have that big forward opportunity, open four. and he works very hard to improve. He was not having luck in games and the fact that he has finally scored fluently today is good news for the team ”.

new signing. “Is falling. Today the news is the game, winning, and I hope that we can announce a player shortly. We are working on it”.




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