Salies-du-Salat. Basketball matches and entertainment this Sunday

The Salies-du-Salat women’s basketball club and its partner Carrefour Contact have prepared an exceptional day of entertainment this Sunday, November 27 at the Jacques Pavan gymnasium in Salies-du-Salat. “We would like to share this friendly day with you”, explains Paco Fraysse, store manager, “where we will give priority to the BCSS basketball school, an association which symbolizes part of the Comminge youth. Our values are common in many respects; we are also dynamic players in the animation of our territory of Comminges. The afternoon matches of the two senior teams finally materialize the desire to practice a high level female sport in a magnificent rural area” A dance show will punctuate the matches and an official “fiery” presentation of the players will be made for the afternoon match between Salies-du-Salat and Lavaur. The senior 1 team is playing to keep its place as leader of its group and the objective is to move up to National 3. Finally, a “generous” raffle will be organised. Getting together and applauding young sportswomen while savoring some chocolate pancakes can absolutely be called a “good time to share”!



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