Salaberria will play the final of the Four and a Half promotion

Iker Salaberria will play the final of the Four and a Half promotion against Egiguren V. / J.P.M.

Salaberria 22-Expósito 16

He won the ticket at the Amorebieta pediment after beating Expósito in a match in which he made his serve more profitable

Iker Salaberria fulfilled the forecasts and will play the final of the Four and a Half promotion after beating Expósito yesterday at the Amorebieta fronton. The Navarrese made use of his tables to overcome a newcomer to professionalism who still has many things to learn.

The one from Goizueta made his serve profitable to perfection and, although he had to suffer more than necessary because he was not very fine in the auction, he did not make any concessions either. He managed much better the second part of the contest against a rival that went from more to less. The Gipuzkoan had nothing to lose and had a good first half. Despite the fact that the clash was uphill for him in the first moments (6-1), he managed to react and put pressure on the one who wore red.

He took advantage of his biggest blow to prevent him from approaching the front and found the gaps he was looking for. In this way he managed to tie the match at eight and managed to hold on until shortly after. It was after the tie to eleven when Salaberria certified his pass the summit clash in which he will face Egiguren V.

Hit of seven points

He served much better than the one in blue and was more confident in finishing. The Gipuzkoan’s mistakes paved the way for him. Expósito was also not successful in making decisions and he sold himself on a couple of occasions when he had the goal controlled.

A run of seven goals allowed the Navarrese to face the end of the contest much calmer. The one from Anoeta had a timid attempt at reaction that allowed him to get to three (19-16), but he lacked continuity and belief. After 255 balls in 52 minutes the contest was closed.



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