Sáblíková before the start of the season: She spoke for the first time about the criminal complaint against the coach!

After the Olympics in Beijing, she considered the end of her rich career, now Martina Sáblíková (35) can’t wait for the next season. Before leaving for the first SP race, she also solved her coach’s problems.

Petr Novák is facing a criminal complaint due to financial irregularities regarding the accounting of the concentration and he does not comment on the case. The speed skater herself had to take it for him. “I’m very happy that it’s being resolved internally, that the union and the coach are resolving it between themselves. Everyone is pushing me away from it and telling me to just focus on myself. Now it practically doesn’t concern me” Sáblíková said just before the flight to Stavanfer, where she will compete on Friday.

The native of Nové Město in Moravia announced after the Beijing Olympics in February that she wants to skate for another four years and is tempted to end her career at the Games in Italy. She entered the world of speed skating at the 2006 Turin Olympics.

“I would be happy if it worked out. But it’s been four years and I don’t know what will happen to me. I will take it step by step. Season by season. Seeing that I started in Italy and that I would end up there excited me . I told myself that I would still try to qualify there,” she stated.

He wants to take the upcoming season more freely. “The post-Olympic seasons are always specific. I tell myself that I won’t take it so seriously, but we’ll see if I succeed. Like always, I’ll be stressed again during the races and I’ll want to give my best performance,” smiled Sáblíková, who on Friday a 3000 meter race awaits in Stavanger.

Drenched in problems, coach Novák flew away without a word.

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