Rubiales “had no right” to help from the RFEF to pay for his luxury apartment, according to the Treasury

The General Intervention of the State Administration (IGAE), attached to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, has concluded that Luis Rubiales, president of the Spanish Football Federation, committed an irregularity by accepting money from the RFEF to enjoy a luxury home in the center of Madrid, according to El Confidencial.

«Although it was held that the agreement of the General Assembly of October 26, 2020 abolished the requirement of having a habitual residence outside the Community of Madrid, at least from mid-year 2019 until October 26, 2020 (date of the Assembly General of the State of 2020), the president did not have the right to housing, “say in their report the IGAE officials, according to . In the opinion of this Department under the Ministry of Finance, this “is relevant because one of the lease contracts, the one corresponding to the year 2020, was signed on January 20 of that year.”

Luis Rubiales lived in 2020 for almost a year in a luxury apartment located in the Plaza de España in Madrid whose rent was paid for by the Spanish Federation, although its president did not meet the necessary requirements that the RFEF demanded at that time in order to receive financial aid for living place. According to the norm in force at that time, to receive this aid, 3,100 euros, which is what the lease of his property cost, it was essential that he had her domicile or residence established outside of Madrid. A condition that he did not meet, according to an exchange of emails between the general secretary Andreu Camps and Tomás González Cueto, a lawyer from outside the RFEF, published by ‘El Confidencial’ at the time.

Camps signed the rental contract, signed in January 2020 for a minimum period of six months, extendable until January 2025, despite the fact that federal regulations only allowed paying for a president’s habitual residence if he resided outside Madrid . When it was signed, Rubiales, who from then on moved into a 125-square-meter apartment located in the Torre de Madrid, was registered in Madrid and lived in a building in Las Rozas. The amount of the rent should have been assumed by the president, who continued to collect his salary in full, and not by the Federation.

Rubiales, in statements to various media, assured that the housing aid was not for living in Madrid. «Housing aid is not linked to where you live or where you are, nor if you have a flat or not. It is published on the transparency portal,” replied the RFEF president when asked about this matter.

In the RFEF, apparently, they were aware that this matter could cause a problem and Camps maneuvered to change the rule a posteriori, according to the emails exchanged between the RFEF secretary and González Cueto.

sports setback

Luis Rubiales received a sports blow this weekend after the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAD) ruled in favor of the DUX Internacional de Madrid, annulling the resolution of the RFEF Single Judge of Non-professional Competitions, who at the time ordered to declare the loss of this team’s right to participate in the First Federation during the 2022-2023 season and agreed its correlative unregistration of it.

After knowing the resolution of the TAD, the DUX International of Madrid announced a complaint against President Rubiales and the general secretary of the RFEF for “commission of crimes of prevarication and criminal organization for having invented a non-existent procedure in the regulations to expel the club from the competition”.

The TAD ruled in favor of DUX Internacional de Madrid after the RFEF decided, at the beginning of September, that this club lost its right to participate in the First Federation and agreed to its deregistration from it, a measure against which the team chaired by Stephen Newman appealed to the courts.

The DUX Internacional de Madrid released a statement on Saturday in which it explained that, according to the TAD, the RFEF invented a non-existent procedure in federative regulations, to expel the club from the competition.



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