Roosters no chance against Drop Shot in last duel

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The badminton players of Roosterse BC have closed the first phase of the competition with an 8-0 defeat in The Hague against Drop Shot.

Roel Heynen

Before the start of the last game in the first phase of the Eredivisie, it was already clear that Roosterse BC was going to be seventh. The difference with Amersfoort in sixth place was already ten points and Roosterse didn’t have to look down either. In that sense, the match with Drop Shot was one for the stats.

On the other side of the net, Flora Wang and Novi Wieland van Roosterse met two talents who previously played in the club’s training: former player Nadia Fankhauser and Dicky Palyama, a former international top player.

The visitors had no chance. Almost all matches went to the Hagenaren in two sets. Only the mixed doubles game by Patryck Szymoniak and Cisita Jansen ended in three sets. They won the first set 21-10, but then went on to win 21-11 and 21-18.


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