Ronaldo burned bridges to his own club before Qatar

Cristiano Ronaldo gave us a glimpse into his soul ahead of his trip to Qatar. He confided that he feels betrayed at Manchester United and does not recognize its coaches. The content of his hysterical interview as well as its possible consequences are discussed by the Water Carriers.

But the best scorer in football history has been unusually troubled in recent months. Both on and off the field. According to his own words, he is currently going through the most demanding period of his life, which was caused by a decline in performance on the grass and a recent family tragedy.

Ronaldo feels miserable at Manchester United. The former global superman, who is followed by half a billion people on Instagram, could no longer remain silent – and took to the club where he started his star career years ago and returned to it last year, which he now sees as a mistake.

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It was just hours after the Red Devils’ last Premier League game, suspended for the Qatar World Cup, when Ronaldo broke down in an unusually candid interview with Pierce Morgan for The Sun tabloid.

Portugal would be better off without Ronaldo

“Following this explosive interview, in which Ronaldo definitively burned all bridges with Manchester United, he will once again be in the spotlight in Qatar. I believe that he can mentally prepare for the big championship. On the other hand, you can’t stop age. He will be thirty-eight. Let’s add to that that Ronaldo is not flying to Qatar in great shape, on the contrary, “thinks podcast moderator Jaromír Bosák.

What did Ronaldo say in the interview? “He feels betrayed. The current manager, Erik ten Haga, does not respect him. Regarding his predecessor on the bench, Ralf Rangnick, he declared that he was no coach and that he had never heard his name before in his life. According to him, nothing has changed at Manchester United since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson,” Luděk Mádl, football expert Seznam Zpráv, offered a list of Ronaldo’s claims.

“I’m probably going to upset a lot of people with this, but in connection with the World Cup, I would add that I can imagine that the Portuguese could win the championship – but only if they came there without Cristiano Ronaldo. Not with him,” adds Mádl provocatively.

Ronaldo is eyeing his fifth (and likely last) World Cup. You will hear more about the chances of the Portuguese at the championship in the podcast.

When representation is for laughs

The water carriers are also passionately discussing how it is possible that the Czech national football team will be met by representatives of the leading domestic teams for the upcoming meeting. Why is this a scandalous decision, how will the perception of the national team change and who has a hand in it all?

The podcast includes an evaluation of the autumn part of the Czech Fortuna League and prospects for the spring part. According to Nosič vody, what does Teplice coach Jiří Jarošík deserve admiration for? Can Sparta fight for the title in the spring? And who in the Czech Republic will benefit most from a long competitive hibernation?

The latest episode would not be complete without the traditional betting window with Fortuna, which this time is taking part in the parade of the Qatar World Cup. A total of 32 national selections will be presented at the world championship, which starts already on Sunday 20 November. You’ll hear about the hottest contenders for the triumph, the favorites to win the Golden Boot for the top scorer, as well as the potential dark horses of the tournament.

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