Report on participation in the “27th Clean Day in Okinawa City” | Ryukyu Golden Kings press release

On November 13th (Sunday), the “27th Clean Day in Okinawa City” was held in each municipality in Okinawa City to clean up the area. Ryukyu Golden Kings (Okinawa Basketball Co., Ltd.) All Group companies participated in cleanup activities around the Yamauchi district of Okinawa City.

On the day, from our group company, Toru Shiraki (President and CEO of Okinawa Basketball Co., Ltd.), Junichi Yasunaga (President and CEO of Okinawa Arena Co., Ltd.), Head Coach Oketani, 6 players, Kings Youth Team and all staff, a total of 72 people I participated in cleaning the area with everyone in the local area.

Blessed with good weather on the day of the event, we carried out beautification activities in the Yamauchi district of Okinawa City, where the Okinawa Arena is located, while interacting with local residents and Mayor Kuwae. Ryukyu Golden Kings and Okinawa Arena will continue to engage in activities that contribute to regional revitalization by interacting with everyone through community activities based on the philosophy of “Make Okinawa more energetic! Okinawa more fun!” I will come.

#14 Ryuichi Kishimoto Comment
I usually do activities with the goal of contributing to the local community through basketball, but today I participated in the hope that I could contribute to the local community through cleaning activities. We hope that everyone who participates will be able to enjoy cleaning while paying attention to safety.
This time, we are doing cleanup activities throughout Okinawa City, but instead of treating today as a special day, I would like to use today as an opportunity to clean up the city on a regular basis.

Comment from #30 Keita Imamura
Today, I am really glad that I was able to participate in the cleanup activities together with the local people and children in the Yamauchi district of Okinawa City, which I have always been indebted to. As Mr. Kishimoto also said, I feel that there is meaning in continuing to work on this, not just today. Thank you for today.



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