Regional interclubs: sharing points for an encouraging first day

Following its promotion to the regional level, Bad Au Monas played its first day in regional interclubs at Pradines in the Lot.

The flag team of the Monastère club had a lot to do by facing the team 2 of the Union of Badminton of the Albigensian Agglomeration in the morning, then the team 1 of Pradines Badminton.

Each meeting consisted of 8 matches (2 men’s singles, 2 women’s singles, 1 men’s doubles, 1 women’s doubles and 2 mixed doubles), knowing that a player could not play more than two matches in the same match, nor two matches in the same discipline.

After very close matches, the two meetings ended with a division of the points on the score of 4 to 4.

During this trip to Lot lands, captain Nathanaël Kasmayr’s team was made up of Elodie Lacombe, Lisa Trouche, Marion Beteille, Cyril Castel, Hugo Bousquet and Théo Dercile. Mostly from the formation of the Monasterian club, these players have shown a good state of mind and an unfailing fighting spirit for this first at the regional level.

Next day at home

The Bad Au Monas is therefore meeting on Sunday December 11 at the multipurpose hall of the Monastery to encourage and support its team 1 which will face Lisle-sur-Tarn, group leader, and Montauban 2.



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