Red Devils LIVE – Vanaken: “Every match is different, maybe we will play the perfect match on Wednesday?” | 2022 football world cup

The Red Devils played their last exhibition match against Egypt in Kuwait. After the game, they boarded the plane to Qatar. On this page you can read all the news from the Belgians in the run-up to the first World Cup match against Canada.


  1. 5:29 pm. Today’s training was all about recovery (Images RBFA).

    Today’s training was all about recovery (Images RBFA)

  2. 5:10 pm Vanaken at Van Gucht and Snelders: “A good match on Wednesday, then we may have left”.

    Vanaken at Van Gucht and Snelders: “A good match on Wednesday, then we might have left”

  3. 17 hours . Castagne at Van Gucht and Snelders: “Performance yesterday? Rather now than against Canada”.

    Castagne at Van Gucht and Snelders: “Performance yesterday? Rather now than against Canada”

  4. 4:30 pm.
  5. 15:45. The press conference is over. Tomorrow, the Belgians will speak to the press at 12:00 p.m. Belgian time. .
  6. 3:45 pm. Rewatch the press conference with Hans Vanaken.

    Watch the press conference with Hans Vanaken

  7. 15h44. Every match is different. Maybe we will play the perfect match on Wednesday in which nothing goes wrong. Yesterday there were some changes in the system, which were not always implemented correctly. Then the plan is wrong. Communication and following the plan are key. Hans Vanaken.
  8. 15:38. Vanaken: “My status within the team has changed”. Vanaken started in the base yesterday. Has his importance within the team increased? “It is true that after the European Championship I played a lot and was able to be decisive a few times,” he says. “I have shown the coach and the team that I can do something for them, so my status has changed somewhat. .
  9. 3:36 pm. I was happy to start. Because the competition is so fierce, you want to seize every moment to show yourself. Sometimes it works out better than other times, but I will be there when the team needs me. Hans Vanaken.
  10. 3:35 pm. Is there less confidence than usual? I do not think so. This group has been together for a long time, we know the principles of the coach. That can only be an advantage. It is a strange situation, because the matches are coming up so quickly. Hans Vanaken.
  11. 15:34. “We didn’t create enough yesterday”, Vanaken kicks in an open door. “We had a lot of possession, but in the last zone there was not enough return. We can take a lot of things from that game. .
  12. 3:33 pm Hans Vanaken speaking. Meanwhile, Hans Vanaken fills Timothy Castagne’s empty chair. .
  13. 3:33 PM. Rewatch the press conference with Timothy Castagne.

    Rewatch the press conference with Timothy Castagne

  14. 15:32. I prefer to play on the right, but I can play on either flank. For me, no matter where I play, the choice is up to the coach. Timothy Castagne.
  15. 3:30 pm. Castagne wary of Davies and David. “I know the Canadian team well by now”, Castagne looks ahead to next Wednesday’s game. “We try to inform ourselves, that’s important. They did an excellent job, we can’t take that game lightly.” “If we play our game, I think we will win,” it sounds confidently, “but we must not fall into a trap. Davies and David are very dangerous players.” .
  16. 15h27. I have changed a lot since my passage in Italy. I learned a lot tactically. I also learned a lot with the national team, just like now in England. Intensity, duels, physical requirements … . Timothy Castagne.
  17. 15:25. I prefer not to travel too much, preferably once every four or five days. The fact that we are now in the resort in Qatar saves us travel time, we can take the bus. We’re good here. Timothy Castagne.
  18. 15:23. Castagne points to the lack of communication against Egypt yesterday as one of the reasons for the default. “We have to speak more during the match, communication sometimes left something to be desired. If some players don’t speak enough, it will be difficult.” .
  19. 15:22. We haven’t looked at the comments too much. The important thing is to correct the few things where we had problems. That will come loose during the tournament. It is important that we get off to a good start. Timothy Castagne.
  20. 15:21. Castagne opens press chat. Timothy Castagne can bite off the striker. National coach Roberto Martinez will not address the press today. .


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