RED DEVILS LIVE: Openda was asked by Morocco: “But only thought of Belgium” | 2022 football world cup

The Red Devils have started the last straight line in Kuwait towards the World Cup in Qatar. On this page you can read all the news from the Belgians in the run-up to the last exhibition match against Egypt.


  1. 4:41 PM Streaker comes to interrupt the training, but is quickly taken away.

    Streaker comes to disrupt the training, but is quickly taken away

  2. 4:20 pm. Jan Vertonghen and Thorgan Hazard train separately.

    Jan Vertonghen and Thorgan Hazard train separately

  3. 4:20 pm. Jason Denayer signs present at training.

    Jason Denayer signs present at training

  4. 4:08 pm.
  5. 15:42. Trossard: “I’m ready, now the choice is up to the national coach”.

    Trossard: “I’m ready, now the choice is up to the national coach”

  6. 3:42 pm. End of press conference. Spokesperson Stefan Van Loock confirms that Jason Denayer will also train with the Belgians later. “There are some defenders with minor pains. Just in case.” With those words, this press conference ends. .
  7. 15h36. I don’t think I will do anything else if I score at the World Cup. Or I should ask my son if I can do something special. Leandro Trossard on his glasses celebration.
  8. 15:32. I don’t think that much can be forced in the exhibition match against Egypt. I don’t think it will change that much. Leandro Trossard.
  9. 15h31. Whether I am working on a transfer in January? I’m not working on that at the moment. In retrospect, we’ll see and then deal with it. Leandro Trossard.
  10. 15:30. I can certainly replace Lukaku as a kind of false 9, but I don’t know if the coach sees me as an alternative to that position. At Brighton I did well there in the last matches. Leandro Trossard.
  11. 15h29. It’s nice that Hazard thinks I would deserve more to play than he does. But Hazard does not make the choices, but the national coach does. Leandro Trossard.
  12. 15:28. Leandro Trossard is ready for his questioning session. .
  13. 15:24. The questions for Openda from the Belgian media have dried up, now it’s the turn of the Kuwaiti themselves. .
  14. 15:24. Openda: “Everything is new to me, but this is what I dreamed of as a child”.

    Openda: “Everything is new to me, but this is what I dreamed of as a child”

  15. 15:22. Press officer Stefan Van Loock has all the trouble in the world to keep the local media in check. That makes it a chaotic press conference at times. .
  16. 15:22. There were contacts with Morocco, but in my head there was only one option: Belgium. Lois Openda.
  17. 15:20. What can I teach the Devils? My speed maybe? Lois Openda.
  18. 15h18. I am honored to be part of the squad of 26. Michy (Batsuhuayi) is now above Romelu (Lukaku) in the pecking order, as the latter is injured. I’m ready. Lois Openda.
  19. 15:17. Loïs Openda will be discussed first. .
  20. 3:15 p.m. Press conference in a minute. The journalists in Kuwait are preparing for the press conference, with Leandro Trossard and Loïs Openda in the arena today. Follow what they have to say here. .


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