RECOGNITION – Leones del Escogido pay tribute to loyal fans

The Chosen Baseball Club paid tribute this Wednesday to emblematic fans of the team prior to the game against the Estrellas Orientales.

The honorees were Mario Emilio Guerrero, Don Manelik Castro, Manuel Duncan and Benjamín Marmolejos, who passed away this year, for which the Chosen One included their relatives to pay tribute to them for their loyalty to the team.

Duncan was a cheerleader for the Reds between 2010 and 2018, and Mario Emilio was director of communications and commentator for the Lions from 1995 to 2013; other members of his family, such as his sister Patricia and his niece Amanda, were godmothers to the group.

The first ball was thrown by Mario Guerrero Báez, a symbol of loyalty and love for the Chosen One, who passed on that passion to subsequent generations, including his son Mario Emilio, who at the same time transmitted to his son Mario Antonio those feelings for him. baseball and longhairs.

Don Mario, whose grandsons Héctor and Enmanuel Marte served as team mascots, is still a faithful and optimistic fan of the scarlets at the age of 99.



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