Ready the candidates

A total of 27 candidates were registered for the election of the Athlete of the Year 2022 who will be elected this Thursday, as announced yesterday by the Municipal Institute of Sport and Physical Culture of this city. This Thursday the 17th will be the vote.

Also in the Paralympic Athlete category there are two candidates; in Professional Athlete there are four; in Amateur Trainer six; in Professional Trainer three; in Amateur Team three; in professional team one, the Braves; in Teacher of Physical Education three; in Amateur Sports Promoter three; in Professional Sports Promoter two; and also two in Sports Talent (under 18 years of age).

Among the candidates for Sportsperson of the Year are Laura Ovalle and Rosa Cook, who have already been awarded this award, including Laura on two occasions.

Joining them for this edition are Alejandro Alarcón from judo, Lizbeth Torres from weightlifting, soccer player Emili Bautista, Marian Ovalle from volleyball, swimmer Carlos Aguilar, Noel Aguirre from athletics, Oliver Guerrero from muay thai, Javier Morales from American football, Ashley Salas from archery, amateur boxer Valeria de la Cruz, Sebastián Cruz from muay thai and Dina García from triathlon.

Also Karen Rivera from volleyball, Marian Rivera from bowling, Joshua Ávila from chess, Alan Solís from boxing, Jaime Portillo from archery, Alba Amparán from athletics, pitcher Aarón Aguilar, Fernanda Cruz from athletics, Annette Palacios from barrel racing, Dylan Cázares from wushu, Jesús Téllez as baseball and softball umpire, Raúl Rubio from wushu and Miguel Sánchez from archery.

In the Sports Talent category, Kenneth Alba (chess), Ana Avelle (judo), Saul Fernandez (judo), Mia Guzman (chess), Kenia Hamilton (taekwondo), Leonardo Hernandez (taekwondo), Nicholas Hernandez (swimming), Camila will compete Holguin (softball), Gael Marentes (taekwondo), Bryan Munoz (baseball), Santiago Perez (cycling) and Eder Rentería (racquetball).

The four candidates for Professional Athlete of the Year are Darío Ferman (boxing), Karina Fernández (boxing), Miriam Hernández (boxing) and Angélica López (bikini football).

The Amateur Trainer category has six candidates: Iván Aguilar (kickboxing), Leonardo Avelle (throwing), Mario Romero Kuchle (taekwondo), Idelfonso Soberanes (muay thai), Cristian Torres (soccer) and Juan Antonio Vázquez (swimming).

Javier de la Rosa, Felipe de la Torre and Javier Solís, all three in boxing, make up the shortlist that seeks to win in the Professional Trainer category. In Team Amatuer there are also three candidates, Club Soles de Ciclismo, Escuela Oficial Bravos Femenil and Karim Taekwondo.

Another third is the one that forms the list in the category of Physical Education Teacher, Fernando Esquivel, Fernando Soto and Luis Enrique Tamay. In Amateur Sports Promoter the nominees are Karim Hernández (taekwondo), José Luis Mayrán (rodeo) and Héctor Javier Torres (soccer), and in Professional Promoter Gustavo Monje (motocross and extreme sports) and Víctor Pasillas (boxing).



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