Raúl Bergua, winner in the Huelva Master

Raúl Bergua, from Huesca, was the great winner of the Under-15 Top Master in Huelva, where he won the individual title in an event that brought together many of the best national players in the category and rounded off the weekend with the mixed doubles title won with the Galician Iziar Barcala.

His teammate from Huesca La Magia Gonzalo Isábal was a semifinalist in the individual draw.

For both of them it was a brilliant tournament to prepare for the next Spanish Championship, which will also be held in Huelva in just a month and in which Huesca will leave with aspirations to win all the titles.

Bergua outclassed Alberto Martínez from Almería (21-11, 21-5) in the individual final, imposing his game. But it can be said that the anticipated final was a semifinal in which he put in a tremendous resistance exercise to end up beating Mario Rodríguez from Granada by a very close 20-22, 22-20, 26-24. Bergua lost the first set, managed to equalize in the second taking the game to his field against an opponent with a powerful shot. And in the third he was in tow, but he was able to resist the worst moments, he picked up two match points with an 18-20 deficit, his rival still had a few more options, but finally it was Bergua who won the duel with a 26-24.

The finalist Alberto Martínez had eliminated Gonzalo Isábal in the semifinalsin a duel that also went to three sets, but in which the player from Huesca ended up narrowly losing 21-13, 17-21, 21-15.

In the quarterfinals, Bergua had beaten Galician Adrián Rodríguez (21-11, 21-10) and Isábal over Carlos Dueñas from Burgos (21-14, 21-13). And both had surpassed their two rivals in the previous leagues with solvency.

In doubles, the couple formed by Raul Bergua and Iciar Barala showed that they can also opt for the next national sub-15 title. They beat the Balearic Islands Yaidel Gil and Sofía García in the final. by 23-21 and 22-20 in a duel of maximum equality.

To reach the final they had won a two-game league.



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