Rafael Nadal answers GOAT question and talks about ‘important legacy’ of his career

Last year Nadal triumphed at the Australian Open and the French Open. With 22 Grand Slam titles, the Spaniard now tops the list ahead of Djokovic (21) and the retired Federer (20). But for the Spaniard other things are in the foreground.

“The important legacy is that the people who have accompanied me in the 20 years of my career keep me in positive memory,” explained Nadal: “In the end, the personal comes before the professional.”

“The upbringing, the respect and the affection with which you treat people are decisive,” said the Spaniard. “Because that is what remains”.


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On a sporting level, Nadal said it was more significant that he and his two rivals managed to fulfill their dreams. Everything else is a thing of the future: “We’ll see what the sporting legacy is when I’ve finished my career.”

Rafael Nadal versus Casper Ruud in a subway station in Ecuador.

Fotocredit: Getty Images

The Mallorcan is currently on a tour of Latin America with Casper Ruud through Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico. Last Wednesday Nadal won the first exhibition match against the Norwegian in Buenos Aires 7: 6, 6: 2.

On Sunday, number two and number three in the world rankings then played on a mini-court in a subway station in Quito, Ecuador.

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