Quindío 1 (1) – (2) 0 Huila: Result, summary and goal

Quindío, for the epic at home

The team led by Óscar Héctor Quintabani must win to dream of the first division, but he must do so by more than two goals. A 2-0 would allow them to define the shoot-out from the penalty spot, while a 3-0 would restore their place in the BetPlay League.

This team has experienced players such as Breinner Paz, Yilton Díaz, Leyser Chaverra and César Hinestroza.. On the bench he has interesting names such as Luis Estacio, Roy Castillo and Jairo Borrero who could lend a hand at a certain moment in the game.

This club has been in the second category since 2021, after having a bad campaign it returned to the BetPlay Tournament from which it has not been able to leave despite having an even performance for several seasons. Quindío has not been able to establish itself in the first category, but Hand in hand with Óscar Héctor Quintabani, they hope to change the statistics and return to play commitments with the greats of Colombia.



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