Qatar 2022: the bad moment that Sergio Goycochea lived when he arrived at the World Cup

Sergio Goycochea He is one of the 35,000 Argentines who came to Qatar from different parts of the planet to live the world Cup on site. The trip of more than 20 hours did not have major inconveniences for the former goalkeeper of the Argentine National Team who flew on Saturday, but the arrival did: two of his three suitcases were left on the road and since then he lived an odyssey of more than 48 hours. His case was not the only one for what is already a problem.

“Goyco”, host of the program Heading to Qatar, that goes for the Public TVwaited for his luggage in the usual tape that every traveler themes, the one where the fate of belongings is defined in a few minutes. This time, the former goalkeeper had no luck.

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Arriving in Doha, the team from TN found Goycochea at the Doha International Airport. He and his team had been waiting an hour for what they had promised him was good news. “When you go on vacation you don’t worry, but When you come to work and you have all your clothes organized in your suitcase, despair seizes you…”declared the ex-soccer player.

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Entrance to the Doha International Airport (Photo: TN).

After 3:30 in the morning in Qatar the final verdict came: “Thank God, 48 hours after quite significant suffering, today I got them back”celebrated.

Asked about how he did at that time to carry out the conduction of his program, he pointed to his body with his hands and as if he were taking off his mufa he said: “Like this”, and then added: “It’s not that I’m a mess, but it’s not what I thought”he added.

Suitcases that do not reach Qatar: a sequence that is already a problem

Goyco was able to recover his bags thanks to the service of his travel agency, which was especially dedicated to identifying them while he followed up through the official website. “Now I am ready to withdraw them, but there were several claims for the same thing,” commented.

The team of TN He also suffered the problem of suitcases that did not reach their destination after leaving Buenos Aires, a brief stopover in Sao Paulo, another even smaller one in Ethiopia and the arrival in Doha. Regarding this process, Goyco himself commented: “I don’t know if there isn’t enough time because in Ethiopia you don’t have to wait long. The truth is that I was not the only one, but I got my smile back”said.

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A trick for travelers’ suitcases to reach their destination

Frequent travelers point out that although everything depends on the people who accommodate the suitcases on the plane, The ideal is not to be one of the first to arrive at the counter to check-in. for the simple reason that the operators will load this luggage first and it will end up at the bottom of the aircraft hold.

A) Yes, those suitcases that are among the last to arrive, logically they will be among the first to leave towards the tape that will return it to the hands of its owner or owner.

As soon as they arrived in Doha, the three people from TN Affected by the lack of luggage, they made the corresponding, tedious and long claim to the two people in charge of receiving it: there were at least 10 other people in the line in the same situation.

They all filled out forms, they had to show their passports, their flight tickets, and leave a place of reference to be notified of the discovery (or not) of their suitcases. Finally, after almost an hour and a half of a complicated early morning, they assured that “it is normal” for this to happen.

“On the flight before yours there were 44 bags claimed,” said Amed, one of the workers there.



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