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This Sunday, November 6, the first day of the Quadrangular Semifinals of Liga Betplay II-2022 was played in Group A, in which Millonarios, Santa Fe, Junior and Pereira were installed.

At El Campín, with the Bogotá classic, and at Hernán Ramírez Villegas, with Pereira-Junior, the day opens in this group. On Saturday, the teams from home run B entered into action, in which Rionegro Águilas began to set the pace, after beating América de Cali.

Review how the first date was played in home run A and how the standings were.

Semifinal Home Run Group A

date 1 (Sunday, November 6)
Millionaires 1-1 Santa Fe (Goals by Macalister Silva / Andrey Estupiñán)
Pereira 4-3 Junior (Goals by L. Berrío, L. Castro, B. León, J. Vásquez / Bacca, Didier, Viera)

Positions table
1. Deportivo Pereira – 3 pts
2. Santa Fe – 1 pt
3. Millionaires -1 pt
4. Atlético Junior – 0 pts

This is how the next date will be played

Wednesday, November 9
​6:05 pm | Santa Fe vs Pereira
8:15 p.m. | Junior vs Millionaires



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