Poor image of Portugalete in the friendly against a direct rival

Image of Portugalete-Padura in a league match / PANKRA NIETO


The jarrillera squad falls by a resounding 0-3 against Cultural de Durango, which is only three points behind in the table

The friendly that was held in Florida only helped Portugalete not to lose the rhythm of the competition. What the jarrilleros did not do was reaffirm the good feelings they left in their last 4-3 win against Urduliz, far from it. In fact, they did just the opposite. The Portuguese squad fell by a convincing 0-3 against a Cultural de Durango that starts as a direct rival to fight for those high positions in the classification. In fact, they are just three points lower in the table. Those of Patxi Salinas occupy fourth place and the Blue and Whites seventh.

The Portuguese fiefdom hosted a friendly match to alleviate the lack of league matches in the Third Federation this weekend due to the celebration of the Copa del Rey. Portugalete advocated facing a very even rival, such as Cultural de Durango. However, the clash was anything but even. The set piloted by Patxi Salinas did not give a good image. He did not know how to get the best version of him, he barely enjoyed clear chances and the Durangarras got the colors out of them. They beat them by a wide 0-3. Now it’s their turn to look forward and face the next day with the greatest possible ambition.



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