plot, cast and streaming of the film on Canale 5

Like a cat on the ring road: plot, cast and streaming of the film

This evening, Saturday 26 November 2022, at 21.40 on Canale 5, Like a cat on the ring road, a 2017 film by Riccardo Milani, will be broadcast. In 2021 the sequel Return to Coccia di Morto was released. But let’s see all the information together in detail.


Giovanni chairs a think tank which is carrying out a study on behalf of the European Parliament on the situation of the Italian suburbs, which will be granted funds to support entrepreneurial activities for people in economic difficulty. Returning to Rome from Brussels, Giovanni discovers that his thirteen-year-old daughter Agnese is engaged to Alessio, a contemporary from the infamous Bastogi district of Rome. Giovanni follows Agnese and along the road to Bastogi he meets the volcanic Monica, Alessio’s mother, who shatters his car windscreen with a baseball bat. Once he arrives in the building where Monica and Alessio live, Giovanni tries to dissuade his daughter from associating with people of such a low social class. Not even Monica is thrilled at the idea of ​​her son getting engaged to a high-ranking person, so Giovanni tries to ally with the woman to make the boys think.

However, the union between the two very young is destined to last. At this point Giovanni and Monica reluctantly start dating and get in touch with their respective families. Giovanni is raising Agnese alone, since his mother Luce, her ex-wife, moved to France, where she grows lavender for perfumes. Alessio, on the other hand, lives in a large family with his mother and two aunts, Pamela and Sue Ellen (named in honor of the serial Dallas), two shoplifters (also in real life) who spend the day in front of the television to follow the journalist Franca Leosini, while his father Sergio has been in prison for years for serious injuries. Monica invites Giovanni and Agnese to a day at the beach in the chaotic Coccia di morto (Fiumicino beach). Giovanni reciprocates the following Sunday, taking Monica and Alessio to quiet Capalbio. Both parents struggle to settle in a reality they perceive as far from their way of life.

Like a cat on the ring road: the cast of the film

We have seen the plot of Like a cat on a ring road, but what is the full cast of the film? Below is the list of actors with their respective roles:

  • Paola Cortellesi: Monica
  • Antonio Albanese: John
  • Sonia Bergamasco: Light
  • Luca Angeletti: Julius
  • Antonio D’Ausilio: Francis
  • Alice MaselliAgnes
  • Simone de Bianchi: Alessio
  • Claudio Amendola: Sergio
  • Franca Leosini: herself
  • Patrizia Loreti: Lavinia
  • Valentina Giudicessa: Pamela
  • Alessandra Giudicessa: Sue Ellen

Streaming e tv

Where to see Like a cat on the ring road on live TV and live streaming? As mentioned, the film will be broadcast tonight – Saturday 26 November 2022 – at 9.40 pm on Canale 5. It will also be possible to follow it in live streaming via the free platform Mediaset Infinity.



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