PHOTOS of Tony González and Pau Martínez showing love.

There is no doubt that cupid is still loose in the Exathlon Mexico because throughout its history we have seen various couples form within the most colossal competition in history, one of them is made up of Paulina Martinez and Tony Gonzalez.

Program November 11, 2022 | Part 1 | Battle for Survival.

Both athletes met during the fifth season of the Exatlon in your edition Guardians vs. Conquerors. Pauline and Tony They defended the cause of the red team and from the first days the crush was given because their chemistry was undeniable and jumped at first sight.

During her participation in the most demanding sports reality show in history, the national judo team from Jalisco, said not having any relationship with someone; however, she was in lands of the Exatlon where did you meet Tony Gonzalez.

Since then, rumors began about a possible relationship, but the basketball player had an affair outside the circuits of the Exatlonso they always denied that there was anything more than a friendship.

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Could it be that there is already romance?

After the fifth season came to an end, the athletes continued to share many of the moments they spent together on their respective social networks and recently published some photographs that would suggest that they already have a relationship.

Pauline Martinez recently shared a series of photographs in which she appears very affectionate with Tony Gonzalez during a party Halloween. The rumors grew thanks to the comments of his former teammates Exatlon and of Ana Laura, athlete’s sister

In one of the images you can see Paulina hugging tightly to Tony, who grabs her former teammate by the waist. In another of the snapshots they are seen smiling posing in front of the camera, but Paulina continues hugging the basketball player. In a third image, González appears in profile looking at Paulinawho in turn turns to the camera.



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