“Pathetic, no pride, what the hell are you doing?!” »

The life of a superstar in the NBA is not always easy, since the best players must meet particularly high expectations from fans and observers. For example, a big name has just been destroyed for its low number of shots taken…

There are many disappointing teams in the NBA this season, starting with the Warriors. The defending champions needed to step into the competition with a talented, complete and deep squad, youngsters like Jordan Poole and James Wiseman needed to explode and prolong the franchise dynasty… But with a record of 9 wins for 10 losses, Golden State has more doubts than certainties.

The same goes for the Lakers, who are still looking for the trio’s second season. LeBron James / Anthony Davis / Russell Westbrook. Penultimate in the West, Darvin Ham’s men are likely to miss the playoffs, which would be a real humiliation for players of this caliber and such a historic institution.

Kevin Durant knocked out on ESPN

But in this first month of competition, no franchise is more disappointing than the Nets, who still have to deal with many controversies. Steve Nash was fired, Kyrie Irving suspended, Ben Simmons took a long time to look like a basketball player, and above all, the attitude displayed on the field is sometimes shameful. After the loss to the Sixers earlier this week, Stephen A. Smith sent a bloody message to Kevin Durant :

Pathetic, no will, no pride. When you take into account the culture of the franchise, it’s something that we have to seriously talk about. Kevin Durant took 14 shots against the Sixers. 14 shots?! What the hell are you doing?! Why are you on the field if it’s to play this way? You are Kevin Durant I remember you. You can put 30 points in your sleep.

As Brooklyn faced off against Sixers deprived of James Harden, Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey, they found a way to lose, in part due to a fairly blatant lack of drive. For Stephen A. Smith it would be mainly the fault of Kevin Durant, who was not aggressive enough with 14 shots taken. He was also no more reassuring against the Raptors on Wednesday, with only 10 shots attempted and 12 points on the clock… Nothing to worry him about, he was happy with the victory.

Showing your teeth in a spontaneous photo = happiness. Nice win for the Nets.

Kevin Durant is on two meetings comcomplicated, and specialists are beginning to worry. For Stephen A. Smith, for example, it is unthinkable that KD is so little involved, especially when his team is losing. No. 7 should take at least 25 shots every night.



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