Park basketball forward! “PICK UP PLAYGROUND” Apparel Collection 4th Release | Press Release of General Incorporated Association Pickup Playground

The 4th collection will be released all at once at 10:00 on 11/26 (Sat.)!

General Incorporated Association Pickup Playground (Representative Director / Naoyuki Akiba) will start selling the 4th apparel collection, which is the foundation of its activities, from Saturday, November 26th. As in the past, we will launch a total of 15 new products from five brands: basketball apparel brands “AKTR” and “ballaholic,” basketball brand “TACHIKARA,” street basketball league “SOMECITY,” and street basketball tournament “ALLDAY.” will produce a garbage pick-up kit and use it in the event “PICK UP PLAYGROUND” where all participants will pick up garbage and pick up games.


“PICK UP PLAYGROUND” is a project for the future where basketball courts will continue to exist in parks and will increase throughout Japan. In other countries, a variety of players gather in a park and form an impromptu team to play a game called a pick-up game. All his players who gathered at the event, regardless of age or gender, played a pick-up game, and after it was over, all the participants picked up the garbage. Through these events, the number of acquaintances increases, conversations are born even in daily use, and a community is nurtured. The community creates autonomy in the court, and the rules for using the court are created by the morals of the users. I am envisioning such a future. This project, which started in November last year, started in Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park and Komazawa Park, and received more than 50 applications from all over the country for the area organizer recruitment released in March. Every weekend, basketball and garbage pick-up are held at playgrounds somewhere in the country, and a culture of self-government is spreading throughout the country, where people “protect their own courts.”

November 26, 2022 (Saturday) 10:00
Single sale on each brand EC site






A sports apparel brand for everyone who enjoys basketball. We continue to innovate every day with the desire to redefine it not only as a competition, but as something that is purely enjoyed.

The biggest 5ON5 tournament in Japan’s streetball world. Set in the Yoyogi Park basketball court since 2005, this mega-tournament has always attracted the attention of domestic and international players.

A brand for playing basketball. Let’s go outside with the ball. A style born by continuing to play. Encounter with a new ballaholic that leads there. That will expand the world of streetball.

From its birth in December 2007 to the present, Japan’s top and largest streetball league continues to grow while leading the Japanese streetball scene.

A sports ball brand with a long history, founded in Tokyo in 1915, is now releasing radical and innovative balls one after another by members who transcend times and generations!

Litter kits and donations

At “PICK UP PLAYGROUND”, work gloves, tongs, and garbage bags printed with the project logo will be produced and used to pick up garbage at the event. This garbage pick-up kit recruits players and local governments who want to participate in the project at playgrounds nationwide, donates it free of charge, and supports pick-up games and garbage pick-up events in various places.

Company Profile

Company name: General Incorporated Association Pickup Playground
Representative Director: Naoyuki Akiba (ALLDAY Producer / NPO Composition Executive Director)
Director: Wataru Takahashi (Representative Director of Tachikara Holdings Co., Ltd.)
Yoshikazu Tanamachi (ballaholic Brand Director / Outnumber Co., Ltd.)
Hiroyuki Nitta (President, Sennichi Shoten Co., Ltd.)



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