Pablo Abián shows his disappointment with the Federation for not going to the European

Pablo Abián, in a match of the last European Championship in Poland.

Pablo Abián from Bilbao, CB player IES La Orden, He stated that he feels “disappointed” for not being summoned by the Spanish Badminton Federation for the dispute of the previous phase of the Absolute Mixed European Team Championship, which is held from December 15 to 18, 2022 in Switzerland. “I think that I show my commitment to badminton every day, I give my best in each training session and in each championship”, the Aragonese volantista assured on his social networks, who stressed that his results are “visible to the whole world despite the difficulties” that, in his opinion, “they are putting” on him.

Abián has participated in his career in four Olympic Games and 11 World Cups, achieving gold in the 2015 European Championships in Baku. He recalled that he revalidated the title of absolute champion of Spain this year in May, won the Mediterranean Games in June and He hasn’t lost to a Spanish player for 16 years, something that, he said, doesn’t seem to be “sufficient arguments.” That is why Abián wondered “what objective criteria must be met in order to be called up to the National badminton team”, and questioned whether “Everything is allowed in this Federation with respect to the negative actions they are having with Pablo Abián.”

In addition, the IES La Orden player asked the Higher Sports Council “Where are the institutions that help the athlete and ensure that injustices are not committed”, and insisted that he is “very disappointed and with that feeling of impotence that injustices cause.”



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