OTC erased San Martín and advances

Wednesday November 30, 2022 | 0:15 p.m.

In an impeccable performance, Oberá Tenis Club (OTC) won last night 78-56 against San Martín de Corrientes, in the first game of the Final 8 of the South American Basketball League that takes place at the Obras Sanitarias stadium, in the city of from Buenos Aires.

At the close of this edition, Boca Juniors was facing Sao Paulo from Brazil, whose winner will face Celeste tonight. The match will be played from 9:00 p.m. on the same stage.

The day before, the missionary representative dominated the actions and was always in the lead on the scoreboard. The intensity in defense, the good rotation and variants in attack were the keys to a resounding victory that excites with the possibility of qualifying for the semifinals of the continental competition.

Jonathan Maldonado was the game’s top scorer with 16 points, to which he added 7 assists. The point guard Celeste once again ratified his qualities to set the times and play, in addition to his well-known solidity when it comes to scoring.

Gastón Córdoba, coming off the bench, played a great game and completed a roster with 13 points (100 percent effectiveness from the field and free throws), plus 7 rebounds. A low-profile all-rounder that always delivers.

For his part, Xavier Carreras also contributed 13 points (8 in the first quarter) and 7 rebounds.

Another outstanding player was Santiago Konaszuk, who in a little more than 12 minutes on the pitch led judiciously and collaborated with 10 goals, with 2 triples. The missionary base has been making merits to have more prominence, since every time he enters, he complies.

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Last night the team led by Fabio Demti had a good effectiveness in triples: 11 hits in 24 attempts, against a poor 5-25 of the rival. OTC also dominated the fight under the windows, with 40 rebounds, 11 more from San Martín.

At the start of the game, Celeste relied on the aim of Carreras, who planted two bombs, plus the contribution of Maldonado. Thus he took a first advantage of 14-7.

The rival was never comfortable to shoot or prevailed in the paint, thanks to the good defense.

In the second quarter, Santiago Ferreyra appeared to discount, but Celeste answered with triples from Konaszuk and Maldonado.

After the long break, Demti’s rotation paid off well. Charles Mitchell gained prominence and added 7 of his 9 goals. Franco Giorgetti also appeared; while Córdoba and Carreras hurt from the perimeter. Thus OTC consolidated a double-digit advantage.

Already in the last stretch it was a monologue by the cast of Tierra Colorada, with Córdoba and Konaszuk as offensive references.

Obereños fans had the opportunity to watch the game on a giant screen at the Celeste stadium and eagerly celebrated a resounding and exciting victory.

The team played one of its best games of the season and confirmed that it is ready for important things, playing the double front of the National League and the South American League.



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