Orlegi wants Mareo’s residence to start working next summer

Orlegi hopes to have the new residence ready for next summer and thus be able to offer new promises this space that will be enabled in Mareo. This is a clear objective for the group within its expansionist plan to increase the chances of attracting Sporting’s youth academy. But it will depend on the urban procedures and the work itself, which in this first phase is not so exhaustive. Adding this infrastructure with a view to the 2023-24 campaign is a strategic move for the entity. It would help cement the future of the club at a time of change following the arrival of new ownership. The quarry is a fundamental edge for Sporting and for all the clubs in the group. It would also add more negotiating tools to those responsible for recruiting the club to persuade some of the national and international talents that are already being observed, thus anticipating other great quarries. The team led by Óscar Garro, in permanent communication with Gerardo García, has been combing the market for months and pointing to future prospects.

Those responsible for recruiting the club work with the residence

The competition for some of football’s great hopes is fierce. Therefore, having a residence is a differentiating element to convince parents, guardians and agents of players at an early age. Villarreal, without going any further, used this advantage in recent years when signing some promises, also Mareo. The promising Cheikh Tidiane, from Llano, in fact, was shown the residence when he visited the sports city a month ago. This space, which the entity has been thinking about recovering for years – the previous board had planned to build a house with 150 rooms – is crucial in the expansionist policy of Orlegi Sports, which seeks to increase the borders when it comes to attracting soccer players.

Designing the residence is the first step in the construction project. The space chosen is the area where the first team players usually rest on concentration days. More rooms will be created there to increase the offer. At the moment, everything is stopped waiting for the signing of the extension of Mareo’s lease. This item will unlock this week. Or, at the latest, the next. But, later, it would be necessary to take the project before Urbanism. A long procedure, which is usually delayed.



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